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Smart home development prospects

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       Smart home from entering our country to now, more than ten years of development process, but has not been a large-scale application. People like to use "tepid" to describe the current situation in the domestic smart home. And for the fight in the smart home front battlefield business, but always caught in the "cold" embarrassing situation - manufacturers of smart home publicity is painstakingly, but the user is not paid.

       Smart home has a very good development prospects, the future will certainly have a hot land, which is beyond doubt. But the large-scale outbreak of the application is always hesitant to come, it also allows many people to adhere to the smart home on the road manufacturers feel more difficult. The smart home industry is currently facing a series of problems also make smart home in the domestic development of difficult.

       The standard problem has always been the biggest obstacle to advancing smart home advance. There are many domestic enterprises engaged in smart home, because there is no uniform industry standards, resulting in many domestic smart home products are not compatible with each other, users can only buy the same product, which for future maintenance and expansion have brought a lot of inconvenience.

       All along, the domestic smart home business and industry professionals are actively exploring, to promote the industry to do a better development of unremitting efforts. March 19, 2012, China's smart home industry, the first by the smart home leading enterprises, research institutes, industrial base jointly launched the industrial alliance in Beijing Century National Building Hotel was formally established. After the establishment of the Union will be committed to the establishment of industry products, technology, construction and other standards for enterprises to provide industry information and technology exchanges, the relevant norms training, market research, product and service display, industry self-discipline, supervision and inspection and advisory services, The legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and actively promote China's smart home industry's benign and sustainable development.

       Smart home is facing the lack of standards, has been struggling smart home industry forward the footsteps of the stone. Speaking of intelligent home industry standards, the interview with the experts interviewed Perth said: industry standards by the industry management departments in accordance with industry development and China's national conditions to develop, the work of our relevant management departments are methodical Carried out. Standards are critical to product development. However, the standard is produced in practice, based on a large number of market share.

       Smart home industry standards from the introduction of the occasion will take time, but with these professional alliances and organizations to guide the operation of the smart home industry will be able to standardize the development of the industry, clear the development of the road "stumbling block" to promote intelligent home Industry into a healthy development track, to promote the smart home into a higher stage of industrialization. I believe that the standardization of intelligent home spring is not far away.

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