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Introduction to Smart Home System

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       The intelligent home system covers the following nine systems: home control system, home security system, video intercom system, home surveillance system background music system, home entertainment system, digital service system, remote control system, centralized control system. Popular terms, intelligent home mainly to achieve the following functions:

       1. Intelligent lighting control

       Including single control of lighting and situational control. A single control refers to a separate system for each lighting device; scenario control refers to pressing a key to adjust multiple lighting devices to their pre-set state. For example, all lighting equipment is fully closed.

       2. Intelligent electrical control

       Electrical control mainly for the traditional electrical intelligent control. The way to do this is to open or close the electrical outlet. To achieve the water heater, drinking fountains, and other equipment to control.

       3. Intelligent security alarm

       The main role of anti-theft, fire and gas leaks and other functions, you can set a variety of security scenarios. The settings for the security profile include:

1) Which security equipment can trigger an alarm.

2) whether the security equipment after the start of the telephone alarm.

3). Is the trigger linked to a scenario? For example, after the security device is triggered, perform a scene that opens all the lights.

       4. Intelligent infrared control

With a smart console can control all the home with infrared remote control of electrical equipment. Such as TV, DVD, set-top boxes and so on.

       5. Intelligent curtain control

Smart curtain control refers to a button can be opened or closed curtains, you can also set the time to automatically open the curtains.

       6. Intelligent video surveillance

The camera and intelligent home system integration, to achieve video or picture capture, video remote monitoring and other functions.

       7. Intelligent temperature monitoring

The home air conditioning and intelligent home system integration, you can regularly or at different times on the home temperature of intelligent control.

       8. Timing control

The intelligent host can program the fixed events at home, for example, timing switches, timed switch water heaters, etc., when the TV, sound, lighting, etc. can be set to control.

       9. Scenario control

       Users can edit any scene through the intelligent master, then you can press the scene control panel or intelligent host computer corresponding to the scene button for scene control. Scenario control can include lighting, electrical appliances, security, infrared, video and other equipment control. For example, you can set a home scene, including the following equipment control: open the hall lights, open the living room chandeliers, open the curtains, remove the security alarm, turn on the TV and transferred to the CCTV1 channel, open the water heater, open the air conditioning and set Temperature of 25 degrees and so on.

       10. Home remote control

       Intelligent host computer built-in Web page, the host computer connected to the premise of the Internet, the user can connect to any intelligent device through any Internet device to achieve remote control of home equipment, monitoring the status of home appliances, video surveillance And other functions.

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