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On the Development Prospect of Intelligent Home

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       With the rapid development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of social and economic level, people's demand for residential intelligence is also gradually improved, home life automation, living environment, comfort, security, convenience has become the basic requirements for modern home life The Intelligent housing should be required to come into being, and developed into a future trend of the real estate housing market.

       In 2014, more people have heard this vocabulary. However, when people listen to the smart home, the first thought is that we have seen in the TV inside the Regal mansion has this thing. So the first impression to us is that this thing is very good, very tall, would like to personally experience or even have such a smart life, but very expensive! So can not help but with the luxury jewelry as the same type of things, Have had it.

       Smart home to enter the domestic market has been more than 10 years, has been a high face on the people's vision, even in recent years with the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other advanced technology applications, the traditional wired intelligent home is far from the market Demand and people on the functional rich and operational requirements, intelligent home digital, intelligent, trend of the trend, showing a strong vitality, and products are more and more close to life, grounding, practical become more and more Smart home business focus, to create a safe, intelligent, fast, comfortable living environment, is the future direction of the development of smart home business.

       However, if the smart home continued to pay attention to people now know that the wireless smart home technology is relatively mature, the price is far from imagined so expensive. The major smart home company in order to seize the market, and even have been blowing the price storm to the domestic sense of the organization as the representative of the enterprises will focus on doing thousands of households can enter the smart home, focusing on the low-end market in the ordinary Consumer groups, so that the wireless smart home into the thousand dollars era.

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